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      What is zero waste?

      Zero waste is not as the title suggests "no waste". It is— minimizing the waste to as low a percentage as possible.

      The first step is a thoughtful design. To ensure minimal extras, the patterns are laid out creatively. This is a challenging part while trying to achieve high end designs.

      The second step is to brainstorm ideas for creative projects with very limited resources.

      And finally, executing the idea will create a collection which will find love and appreciation.

      At Aureate, we are conscious about our impact on the environment. We try our best to reduce the waste and get creative about using that leftover fabric, trims, beads, embellishments and embroidery pieces creatively.

      Our small effort can make a big impact. Be a part of this movement by proudly wearing pieces from this collection.

      Introducing sustainable jewelry that highlight tribal and ethnic art. These pieces are unique and are a part of a big picture, figuratively and physically.

      Sustainable fashion


      Being resourceful! Wish there was a magic calculator to know the exact quantity of supplies, there is always extra. Extra— that is beautiful, charming and exquisite. 

      Zero waste Accessories


      High quality supplies! As we pride in sourcing high quality supplies, it's a delight to repurpose them into another form. The end product is pleasing as its roots are in quality and design. 

      Zero Waste Project


      20% scrap is a an industry standard. Well that's what it's called. For us it's an opportunity to get creative and use the expertise of our talented craftsmen, that are skilled in intricate handcrafting.


      Thank you for supporting us.