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      Indian textile printing and dyeing techniques deserve to be preserved, promoted and celebrated for their beauty and intricacies. Indigenous regions of the country specialize in artisan techniques that are unique to them and have been passed through previous generations. Each fabric is laboriously produced by these skilled craftsman to deliver the highest standard of craftsmanship, hence it's no surprise that when you lay your eyes on a block printed, shiboribrocade or kantha fabric, you experience the joy of holding a piece of art.
      Aureate brings these time honored beautiful techniques to your home as furnishings and accessories. We source straight from the artisans and tailor the pieces with utmost attention to details. Each piece is unique and handcrafted, with the highest level of attention to detail in finishing. We add the charm with trims and embellishments that makes our designer pieces timeless.
      Our designs are a reflection of our brand name "Aureate", which means gold— classic, timeless and valuable.
      Aureate retails through the gift shops, online websites (, exhibitions (Dastkar) and directly to local retailers.


      A glimpse of our exhibition.


      Another day at Aureate workshop.


      Our skilled craftsman. We wouldn't be here without them.


      Thank you for supporting us.